Increase your sales using the power of generative AI

wisello uses the power of generative AI to provide your customers with a new and personalized shopping experience

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Increase sales

Boost your sales %

Higher conversion rate

Convert visitors into customers with a strategy focused on their satisfaction and a fluid experience

Informed customers

Guide your customers to smarter purchases

A conversational sales agent for your online store

wisello offers a personalized shopping experience, where each conversation is unique and adapts to the needs of each client

Do you have a large product catalog?

Wisello's focus is on conversation and the shopping experience. Ending in customers finding the ideal product within your extensive catalog

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The seller who never sleeps

  • All product questions are answered conversationally
  • Contextual conversation in any language
  • wisello understands natural language
  • Product recommendation & Upselling & Crosselling
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Prepare your company for the future of ecommerce

Use the power of artificial intelligence in your business, don't get left behind


Provide your product catalog

wisello adapts to any type of formats. csv, xml, json, via API or integrations with ecommerce platforms


Integrate wisello into your website

Choose the way that best suits your goals


Sell more and learn from conversations

Analyze your users' conversations and measure the increase in conversions

wisello covers a wide variety of industries

Great adaptability to different challenges

  • Real estate
  • Toy stores
  • Supplements
  • Travel agencies
  • Appliances


What is wisello?

wisello is a company specialized in the development of artificial intelligence assistants for businesses with online stores. These assistants can help customers find what they need, answer frequently asked questions, provide personalized recommendations and more.

Does wisello use ChatGPT?

Yes. The default setting in Quick Mode Chat uses ChatGPT. Expert Mode Chat uses GPT-4, and it's important to note that each message generated by GPT-4 consumes 20 message credits.

How can I add my assistant to my website?

One way to integrate your assistant into a website is by including an iframe or placing a chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the page.

How does wisello learn about my data?

wisello uses your product catalog, takes the information and generates personalized recommendations for your customers.

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